Monday, June 05, 2006

The weekend of June 3rd, 2006

No intellectual words or advice, only a bit of rambling, that seems like what I do best and most lately :- )

Binaisha was here!, she traveled from LA to Dallas and then to here, amazing don’t you think? To all who said this was a God-forsaken place, it's not true, it's not like I've changed my previous view but I do think there’s a lot that can be seen/done if you put your mind to it :- ) After all Houston is the 4th largest city in the US. Did some reading, might as well start TRYING to enjoy living here. 

Okay, back to the weekend. Downtown aquarium was our first stop in Downtown Houston; boy was that a long journey. The skyline is beautiful, the tall buildings running parallel and perpendicular all along the avenue almost made me feel claustrophobic. The aquarium itself was pretty small and seemed hyped, but it was beautiful and tastefully decorated, lunch in the company of the fishes I can’t even name!

The shark voyage, which was supposed to be thrilling somehow didn’t give me a thrill despite an enthralling experience with the creatures of the sea! However it’s as if we were doomed/jinxed when it came to transport, either the long wait or the non-arrival or the non-inclusion of routes huh! right until Sunday. We seemed to have it all. to be contd. finally the continuation!, has been some time coming, but think about it, it's more Binzi's story than mine, so will let her complete :)she would have a lot to say! all in all a great week with Binaisha :)


Vogon Interpreter!! said...

:) i see uve been havin fun arnd there!
and all hope is not lost.. who said its a God forsaken place!!;)
u have to coem and see where i live to know what that exactly means!
:) hhehee
thansk fr the link..and now i know more aboutt Houston thanks to wikipedia!

Bini said...

Lots more to be said girl ..lots more..hehehe..nice post!

Jeremy Ryan said...

I read a lot more about Houston from your link too. Intewesting :)