Sunday, September 23, 2007

the coffee-pot is empty!

Have you found yourself refilling the coffee-pot in your office pantry more than three times per week? Well, I have and wonder why... it seems like 3 could be well above the average… considering the about ‘x’ number of people drinking out of the coffee-pot and it being refilled ‘y’ times a day, hmm... However I don’t seem to have factored in ‘z’, which is the number of times a given person decides to have a shot of caffeine....not that I mind the refill job, love it... infact, the fresh smell of roasted coffee beans and then the fresh coffee...

Today is the official first day of fall and it just doesn’t feel like it… and yeah the fall season is here, primetime tv at its best…!, kicked it off with Survivor, and they are in some woods of China!!!… never been a follower of such shows, but decided to give it a try this time and I think will continue on. Will definitely tune into CSI, Miami, NY, House, Ugly Betty, Smallville, Numb3rs, Grey’s Anatomy, DH, Brother’s n Sisters, ‘the’ talk shows! and then will probably check out a couple of new shows too… wow that’s a whole lot of TV and that too with conflicting times… no DVR or TiVO...

Probably the best new show of last season was Bro’s and Sis, totally enamored by Rachael Griffiths character Sarah, while hoping for life into the characters on GA for this season….Gotta wait until Feb of 2008 for the new season of LOST!

Despite rave reviews and comments on Prison Break in its third season and Heroes in its second, never seemed motivated enough to catch up with them.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

a journey of a 1000 pieces

yes, it began with a single piece on a not so cold December evening, and frankly I wasn't even too enthusiastic then, it was well what can i say sort of forced on me by 'you know who'! and then it traversed through the 827 Christmas party to Sysco EAI and SCM and continued on through the 827 party to BP EAI, enthusiastic individuals trying to make sense of the 1000 odd pieces strewn around the living room! ... and then it was forgotten, just like that, like a scrapped project and packed away at probably a little less than 10% complete.

It traveled with me to 1410 and all the while lying under the patio style hammock (it doesn't swing! and it's in my living room!!...)

And suddenly for no good reason on a not so hot August morning, I decided to revive the scrapped project and with support from atleast one motivated girl we achieved our first milestone, i.e. the top edge was complete. And once I managed to piece together the remaining three edges on my own, I could almost envision the end even though it was probably only about 25% done. Another weekend with 'You know who again'! and it was almost upto 50% and then it was left to me solely, some days I would add a piece while other days I would add a 100. The late night matches at the US Open and also CNN proved a strong motivator while the men fought it out in five sets and McEnroe and Anderson Cooper droned on, it keep me going!

I wanted 9/7/07 to be D-Day even though a part of me wanted to wait for help however the force within me was stronger and was willing me to go and get it done with.

The Puzzle is a part of the Thomas Kinkade's End of a perfect day series and I don't really own it in the real sense of the term. 'You know who' owns it but I think I have a valid claim on this!

A truly impressive piece of work and kudos to all of us involved and like any other task it had its share of downfalls, infact literally, losing almost a days work as I was trying to move the puzzle onto a table. We persevered despite all that. Thank you to all who helped take this project to completion, without taking names, you know who you are… whether you added one piece or 10.