Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Unexpectedly good Christmas day despite being all 'alone', the weather playing spoilsport on my confirmed 'plans' and my own indecision about my travel plans. Total strangers can sure make you happy!

Here's to my first white Christmas :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse was supposed to happen today in Seattle, the roads resembled those on thanksgiving, schools were shut and we were asked to work from home. I'm still waiting to see the first flake of snow, it did snow on Saturday, but today's forecast seems so totally off, I'd rather have completed the rest of my Christmas shopping! They've decided to blame the doughnut hole and Mt. Olympia, as interesting as it may sound it's not. I guess there's just one positive out of this, I can sign for the UPS package and not have to go pick it up!

December is supposedly the best month to write, somehow I think it's exactly the opposite for me and my excuse is not the usual! Work is becoming a mere whisper in my ear of late! but of course it's holiday time and farewell time all while looking forward to greener and warmer pastures.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Keep, Think, Give

It's that time of the year and unfortunately this is seeming to be more like a once a year ritual! wardrobe sorting it is and no this is not a task undertaken to clear clutter. I can guarantee you, my closet is organized, almost obsessively!

The 'Give' and 'Keep' piles are relatively simple, it's the 'Think' pile that bothers me. 'Think' has a collection of clothes, some that I feel I should no longer wear but have an attachment to, for e.g a gift from a dear friend or an absolutely low maintenance but slightly 'old' shirt and then there are those which I have not worn in months, but hope to wear 'someday'. The pile also includes some country specific/city specific clothes, I'd rather not dwell on them.

The 'Give' pile is ready to go into the Clothes Collection bin and the 'Keep' will be carefully packed, the 'Think' well, hopefully it has become the 'Thought-Keep/Give' pile when the time to pack my bags comes and then of course, it does depend on the the final weight of the suitcase, like I've said before, always constrained by what the airlines let me carry!