Monday, November 27, 2006

Ten Minute Email

You want to read a news story on some obscure web-site and they ask you to register yourself with a VALID email id. Reading the story is not the end of your association with the news site!!!... Open your email and will be bombarded with spam ‘Do you want to register for an Online course’?’ Do you want a free laptop?

No I don’t want a free laptop from you… my spam folder used to fill up faster than my inbox

10 Minute Email have tried it and it lasts exactly for 10 minutes with the default setting, a randomly generated email that you can use while registering for
A novel concept indeed!

A lot of other sites have started offering this service too, try it at your own risk, I don’t really need it as I have another way to bypass all the spam!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

‘Twas a beautiful Sunday

This is from my drafts, outdated but nevertheless~. A lazy Thursday night and with nothing better within arms reach than ‘Deception Point’ and here I am!

‘Twas a beautiful Sunday

And before it only becomes only a passing blip on my memory’s radar, here is etching it on my blog…..

Woke up to the rain pounding against the window frame, it wasn’t really pounding, just an early morning exaggeration.
A three minute early morning walk to church was enough to drench you and make you regret your decision to wear those nice dressy shoes!, walking in the rain on a rainy morning in M’lore that was the picture in my head. But no, we weren’t going to walk to Church, there’s practically no place you can walk to here!, office doesn’t count!

As usual, despite breaking all the speed limits we still managed to reach late, the rains didn’t seem to deter anyone from attending Sunday service. St. John’s Vianney Catholic Church has become my temporary parish since the past few months that I’ve made my dwelling place in Houston. It is very unlike Prince of Peace, Plano… this one is more like a typical church, and very typical not in the sense that the choir if very operaish!... tough for alto singers…

Back to the beautiful Sunday which was getting better, Parineeta and yummy food, a nap and still no let up in the rain. This is the kind of Sunday, I want every week!

It has been a record of sorts for me, three hindi movies in one month!. First was Kosla ka Ghosla, huh the name itself is a letdown!.... but was watchable, I am still trying to remember the name of the hindi movie I watched prior to this… has to be back at home, but still can’t ( maybe one of those on the local cable channel, Sunday 2 PM TV!) and the second homecoming for AAA - Amar, Akbar, Antony after all those years….poles apart were all the three movies!