Friday, June 02, 2006

Plano to Houston

An hour in the air and much more than hours spent in DFW and yet there isn’t much change to the view, not that I expected it. Okay, maybe I can point out the differences, or rather to the one striking difference! Plano was much more refined, Houston just seems a little unkempt ... :- ) not sure if it’s the right word to use.

My apologies. It could be a harsh view since it’s not even been a week since I landed here and I’ve basically only been on the Enclave Pkwy, will write in when/if I change my mind. Oh, and how I am gonna miss Prince of Peace and the beautiful Sunday service there, the so typical mass, the melodious singing and yes and it pours here.

The weather is a talking issue, one minute it can be so hot and humid and the next it’s raining, guess it’s the wrong time of the year to be in Houston. Who can forget Rita (not my Ma, but God Bless her), the much talked about hurricane of 2005.

It so reminds me of Mangalore, where no surprise, it’s pouring.

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Bini said...

Just hang in there..Its not even been a week !!..Btw do u prefer Houston or Hyderabad..just kidding dear..