Friday, June 09, 2006

Lottsa sports!

It looks like football mania is in full swing. I personally have never been much of a football fan, don't ever watch EPL, can't name the players in the clubs, yet somehow I just love world cup football. We began watching since the 2002 world cup in South Korea, so am still pretty new to the game!

For the record, I am an avid German supporter, followed by Portugal, Brazil, England in that order… and Klose, Ballack, Figo, Owen are the guys! It’s amazing, the kind of following that soccer has, even back in India given that we practically have ‘No football team’. Have updated my favorite links too ... f1 and tennis will take a backseat for a while amidst the world cup.

If I was back home I would probably be glued to the TV, have to make do with keeping up with scores and results online here since I can’t watch it live, but that's a rather dull way, no excitement, no thrill, all I can say is something better than nothing!

Federer and Nadal fighting it out for the French open title, may the best man win (read Nadal) and at Silverstone too, may the best man/team win! will again be following both the scores online :(

Oh yes, am gonna update the previous post...haven't forgotten yet!


aneesh said...

Argentina...Italy.. brazil... maadi.. and the best man has won..

Dev said...

Just came across ur blog while surfin. :)

We had a super Sunday over here. Altho not mentioned... cricket's still somewhere 'round the top 5. And India, finally did bat well. Phew!

But football's football. And 3 great matches y'day. Woohoo! :) The Socceroos scoring 3 goals in 8 mins, Rosicky's rocketlike goal. Italy (my favourites) winning. Goal! :)

RZD said...

not too sure the best man won at silverstone!...

yes, cricket's there...just a temporary amnesia :)

Rajesh said...

Saw Germany in action today... Got to do justice to the huge projector they have put up in our company ;)
Needless to say, I was totally disappointed by their performance! Midfielders were in great shape! Defence was never tested by the "Poles", but their offence lacked teeth! Saw the last 15 minutes... The ball did not leave the Polish Penalty area, but the Germans failed to capitalize on anything until the 90th minute! If this is how Germany plans to continue, let the best team win!