Thursday, May 15, 2008

David vs David

little david vs big david, to say the least this American Idol finale line-up has been the most predictable ever, but predictable is good, does it signify that the audience who votes always gets it right can't be said, maybe this time around, they will.

All along I've been rooting for the little guy, his awesome singing can make it easy to forget that he's only seventeen. The number of times he used 'Gosh' last week!... but then he's only a teenager. I will be equally pleased if David Cook wins, he probably deserves it more, for his sheer charm and stage presence.

May the best man/boy win. One vote from my side for each of them.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I am not a robot!

however that's exactly what I feel like right now! (Do Robots have feelings?, Google threw up 1,090,000 results... so maybe they do) the weather is kinda depressing too and I probably could have written a bot to do this! work for me than cribbing... but then well, there ain't anything as satisfying as cribbing about the job! be it to random strangers on the www or the best of friends.

back to work (yea, the one & only dreamliner) or anything remotely resembling work such as keeping track of today's primary election results.