Wednesday, June 28, 2006


There’s not really much to talk about Kemah, Kemah the entrance to the bay area, was hoping to get my feet wet, but no chance of that. Parking space is a real issue here, took us about 20 minutes to find one. Kemah boardwalk is what it’s called, there’s the view of the bay, cruises and ski-jets line the bay area, there are a lot of amusement rides such as the Carousel, Aviator, pharaoh’s fury and stuff like that. We took a ride on the Boardwalk tower; the views from the top are breathtaking to say the least.


Vogon Interpreter!! said...

nice addition.. put up a pic too!!
:) that way we too can see wht u see...!!
keep blogging!!

Arjun said...

we enjoyed kemah!! the speed boat ride was fantastic!!

I have posted our trip snaps/write at :

check when you get time!