Monday, October 27, 2008

Every leaf is a flower

Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower - Albert Camus

We traveled 3 hours into the mountains of Western-Central Washington, North Cascades to be precise to catch a glimpse of the acclaimed fall foliage. This is what we saw (10/26)

The below pic is from right outside my apartment and there was more of this all along the way (10/19)

But of course, the first snow on the mountain peaks and some amazing home cooked food consumed in the near freezing conditions made the drive worthwhile.

It's all about the shoes

or rather stilettos.

Strutting around in these almost 4' heels gives me good reason to visit my pedicurist with no guilt!
Clothes maketh a man and shoes maketh a woman or so it may seem but don't forget the accessories to go along with the shoes, jewelry, bags, scarves, coats and of course clothes!

What's it about shoes and hand-bags that make us go gaga over them? I've got at least eight hand-bags with me right now (I know this is a small number, but don't forget this is a temporary residence and I am always constrained by what the airlines let us carry) a couple of which I have not yet used! and then the shoes (have to find all of them to count 'em!) like the one above, which are worn once in a blue moon.

What every woman wants... a great career, a good man, and comfortable shoes - lots and lots of them. Quote from JAG In any order...

Go on while I figure this out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meandering thougths!

  • I kinda like clearing my own trash bin in office, we had to start doing this due to the IAM strike.
  • My new wireless headset is awesome, I hope it will reduce my chance of getting an earstroke from all the meetings I used to attend with the phone stuck in my ear!
  • I am trying to deal with my coat fetish (read this post), at least I don't get up in the morning wishing the temperature would drop even further!
  • I'm contemplating switching from Ibuprofen to Advil.
  • We all know Fox News is pro-republican, without a doubt... but is CNN leaning towards the left. (Left in this case is left of the GOP, not like the left equals communist parties in India)

    Have you noticed how easy it is to

    1. hate Barack Obama for the not-so obvious racial reasons ( not to me) and at the same time hate McCain too because everyone else hates him?

    2. say we love you to random strangers, people we don't know personally such as someone who writes extremely hilarious blog posts on AC360.

    3. gulp down a full bottle of arbor mist without even feeling tipsy!

    and no, I am not going through a mid-life crisis, maybe a teenie weenie quarter life crisis! sigh!
  • Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    Shopaholic anonymous?

    After two major shopping spree's within a spate of an hour and without even stepping into the cold cold weather outside, I begin to wonder. Am I a potential candidate for SA? and then I came across this trailer and it gave me great joy.

    I know I'm not as bad!, even though the joy I feel right now may be momentary or until I see my credit card statement... but admission is the first step towards recovery!!! '@#$ for the innovation of online shopping.

    I remember reading about the types of shoppers, it was some training on the retail domain, it is no doubt that I fit into the impulsive category, but some day I'll have the right classification! Until then, sorry for the rambling, will join SA, right now.

    Recession, Really?

    Friday, October 10, 2008

    CSI: Season premiere

    [Spoiler warning if you have not yet watched the first episode of Season 9]

    The season premiere of CSI was bound to be heart wrenching, what with Warrick getting shot and his exit from CSI confirmed. The episode more than a whodunit was a tribute to a guy who made CSI his own these past 8 years. Of course, the real life legal problems of Gary Dourdon, seemed to have been a cause for his untimely exit from the show.

    CSI has always been about excellent writing and brilliant acting, and the cast truly rose to the occasion. The mood was somber with a blood soaked Grissom and ominous music playing in the background. Casting Warrick in a good light after his recent misdemeanors seemed to be the goal of the episode and they stuck to it. As is confirmed, Grissom is leaving the show too, two seasoned actors lost in a spate of weeks, only time will tell if the rest of the ensemble can live up to the high standards of this show on their own. Grissom's eulogy for Warrick at the end of the episode was simply marvelous. A must watch episode if you've followed CSI in any small way.

    This season first watch to CSI on CBS(Thursday, 9PM) and whiny, flooded Seattle Grace, Grey's Anatomy will be relegated to (anytime after Friday, 10 PM)!.

    It was nice to identify with the familiar sights of Vegas too for the first time!