Friday, January 12, 2007

the gandhi controversy

yet another one, this seems to have become a norm, recurring every once in a while. Well to be honest, it is 'us' who add fuel to the fire in such contentious issues and then isn't it our right? to voice our opinion to take on whoever we may please be it Gandhi or Martin Luther King and as always there seems to be a very thin line in all that is done and its consequence. Sounds confusing already?

NDTV caused me to look it up, it ran a headline story in which the link somehow didn't seem to work, after a couple of vain attempts, i just gave up. Going back to the main page i realized the story itself was taken off! as quick as a cheetah darting across on the TV screen(if ever it did), was my mind playing tricks on me?. With the very few details captured from that one glance, I ran a search and somehow
it didn't yield any useful results. Fortunately or unfortunately my next news doze TOI ran the story. Gandhi on you tube

I did watch the so called offensive video, yes, it is offensive also i thought in bad and silly taste. The following is listed in the description section of the video
"The following video portrays Mahatma Gandhi in a way that many people feel is offensive. Please do not view the following video if you may be offended. Furthermore, I sincerely apologize for any offense this video has already caused".

A complete publicity gimmick, it is a wonder tho, this video was posted on Youtube in early December of 2006, and all this sudden frenzy, comments running into pages posted only since the last couple of days, a couple of news channels back in India telecasted this video! (what were they thinking)...another controversy!. Like i did, a whole bunch of people are going to visit his website, increase traffic to his site... with what purpose. Has he become famous?. Who can dwell into his mindset, into his aim. This controversy will last a few days and already there's talk of banning Youtube like they was the talk of banning Orkut when the 'Hate India' community sparked interest.
No amount of legislation is going to solve the problem if at all there is one and while the censorship battles rage on, this video is worth watching.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A week after!

It took a year to update my blog?... It has has been an amazing last couple of weeks of 2006 and 2007 as yet doesn't show any signs of slowing down. With the task of deleting all those 'old' posts in my drafts done including sadly the reviews on 'Blood Diamond', 'The Nativity Story' and 'The Departed', a mention is all they'll get here...all good movies in their own way. I don't make resolutions so i cant promise to keep my blog up to date!

Just got back from watching the 'Pursuit of Happyness', based on a true story, rather conventional storyline, but portrayed absolutely exceptionally by Will Smith. No repetition of the plot here, but this is one of those movies that can really touch you, it's not just the story its more the acting. Chris Gardner's life story is poignant. There are so many beautiful, simple and realistic scenes, there's a reality sometimes we don't want to believe in. The homeless with 'all' their belongings standing in line for a night's shelter, his trust on a hippie girl!, his inability to make ends meet... At times it makes you wonder 'How can someone have no friends, no relatives they can bank on in a time of need'. Gardner's son Christopher is played by Will Smith's own son who already seems to have mastered acting skills and is so believable. The 'back in time' make believe scene to the ages of the dinosaurs was truly amazing.

Slightly deviating here's the quote from Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence which is quoted in the movie. Happiness is a pursuit as he says, why is it just not happiness?, why should it be the pursuit, why cant it simply be happiness like life and liberty? probably he knew happiness will always be a pursuit.

All in all a brilliant movie with superb acting and Will Smith truly deserves a Golden globe nomination. Leonardo has two nominations but i think its still going to be tough to beat this stellar performance, haven't watched the other two movies in the list hence cant comment on who could ultimately win. On a side note my favorite TV shows have managed a few nominations, good going indeed!

Wish you all a Prosperous New Year and good luck with those resolutions!