Friday, December 30, 2011

Sit it out or dance

The pattern is the same, when I when look back at a year gone by, it seems to be in varying degrees of overwhelming although at the start of the year I just *knew* that this was going to be THE year! Resolutions aside, I don't have such emotions about 2012 being THE year, so I think that's the first good sign.

2011 was my year for intensifying friendships and a little about making new ones, although the latter seems like a constant struggle as the years go by and also the only year in the past few years that I've stayed put in one place and that is a huge relief. I know that is what I ultimately want, the not-knowing if I can be the maid of honor for a friend's wedding here in April doesn't appeal to me, it never did.

Do you know why heaven has such huge air-conditioning bills? that's because God keeps opening a window when he closes a door, I wouldn't mind a dent in my electric bill if I can open a few windows for myself and when given the choice of sitting it out or dancing, I hope there isn't a moment's hesitation despite my lack of dancing abilities.  

Focus, slow down and think more linear.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Don't look back

Realized something interesting when I was thinking back to the past 6 years I've spent here in the US, of course there's a lot of first and second's and n'ths but this is only related to the parish I've attended on important occasions and who I attended mass with.

2006 - Prince of Peace, Plano
2007 - St. Francis Xavier Church, Bejai
2008 - Stanford Memorial Church, Stanford
2009 - St. Francis Xavier Church, Bejai
2010 - St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, Rogers
2011 - Mission Church, Santa Clara
2012 - St. Patrick's Church, San Francisco
2013 - Church of the Resurrection, Sunnyvale
2014 - St. Francis Xavier Church, Bejai
2015 - St. Dominic's, San Francisco
2016 - St. Dominic's, San Francisco
2017 - St. Dominic's, San Francisco

2006 - St. John Vianney Catholic Church, Houston
2007 - St. Francis Xavier Church, Bejai
2008 - St. Anthony's Catholic Church, Seattle
2009 - St. Stephen Catholic Church, Bentonville
2010 - St. Clare Parish, Santa Clara
2011 - Mission Church, Santa Clara
2012 - St. Francis Xavier Church, Bejai
2013 - Mission Church, Santa Clara
2014 - St. Patrick's Church, San Francisco
2015 - St. Dominic's, San Francisco
2016 - St. James Catholic Church, Redondo Beach
2017 - St. Francis Xavier Church, Bejai

I do wish and hope that it would be consistent and maybe I'm getting there, so until then I'll keep updating!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chasing Cars

Chasing Cars - May 16, 2006 - Old Shepard Place, Plano, TX