Sunday, January 29, 2012


Sloth n.    Laziness, Indolence
                Slow-moving, arboreal, edentate mammals
                A company of bears

The dictionary provides the above three definitions for sloth and my contemplation for this post is certainly not on mammals or bears so we can focus on the first definition . According to the Catholic Church it is one of the seven cardinal sins although I think sloth has got to be one of the most overlooked sins, if at all it is considered a sin by any of us. And yes I say overlooked because it’s just inconsistent to consider laziness wrong (let’s use ‘wrong’ instead of sin for context). Surely there’s no right about sloth, but is there a wrong and does the word only refer to a glorified version of laziness or is there some spiritual meaning too?

I’m not someone to make New Year’s resolutions, but decided to do the bible a day plan this year and I must say it’s not as easy as I thought it would be, every day I hit catch-up and within the first 29 days, I’m already down by 13 days. At this rate my one year bible plan would take 1.5 years, which is acceptable too I guess! So what’s the correlation between the bible reading plan and sloth you may ask? If I had to justify mindlessly watching every single movie/tv show on Netflix, I would and I’d have a simple explanation every time for why I haven’t been able to take the time out to get the gate chain fixed, you get the picture … don’t you, it’s JUST procrastination.

The bug of procrastination is hidden under layers and layers of tangled lifestyles that to wean it out would mean a complete rewriting of the code, a catharsis and yet I believe remnants of the bug will continue to exist. It may pop up ever so often, but you’ve just got to find the workaround every-time and then I don’t know if the church meant to put procrastination in the list of deadly sins, it doesn’t seem right?

And if this thought seems incomplete, you're absolutely right, it is.