Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Auburn Red 3.11

I used to think, I could write on anything under the sun or the moon or the dark dark sky, or the blue sky, just wanted to test that belief of mine. It’s only right to put your beliefs and faith to the test! Talking is equivalent to writing, a topic I once got at our bi-weekly toastmaster's meeting was 'white lies', how good a topic is that, won best table topic speaker that day, kudos to me and my white lies!

To give you a little background; the Roman Catholic loves the catholic traditions, going to church, the serenity of the church, chapels, basically I love being catholic if you know what I mean, even if you don’t please don’t ask me. Anyway what I am trying to say is that I am religious and spiritual if those are the right words to use.

And then there’s Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code, I don’t know if he is religious, anyway he is an exceptional author, literally, I mean to come up with works of ‘fiction’ such as the Da Vinci Code is amazing, am trying to complete reading ‘Angels and Demons’ another of those utterly fascinating stories.

Watched the movie too and frankly I thought the movie was something like the last of the movies in the Harry Potter series, ‘Goblet of fire’ right? Lucky for me to have read the books, but I think in both these movies you need to have read the book to actually appreciate the movie…its only a view …a well made movie is one like ‘The Lord of the Rings’, have not read the book, but its so amazingly made, so easy to love!

Back to Dan Brown and his Da Vinci.., for what its worth, my two cents…it’s only a work of fiction; question, dwell, dissect it to whatever extent you may but at the end of the day or night will it/should it shake your faith, the beliefs you have built on for all the years…it doesn’t make sense, all these bans are only increasing the publicity, take it at face value… Da Vinci is the outcome of an amazing creative/fictional mind ….that’s it..
I’ll let my imaginative mind dwell on less controversial topics, like on this post….does Dan Brown have a blog somewhere, I think it would make an interesting read!

Back to the what the post is all about, my hair color…Auburn Red!

There used to be so many colors in this short crop of hair, I had lost track!, but then enter tone-up and 3.11. It seemed really nice and it turned out well or so I thought and still do, just one more experiment to thou who sits on top of my head, alas, though I didn't expect the reaction. Without the glare of the sun, it was still pretty much okay as they say, go out in the sun and I looked like one of those red-head yahoo avatars! hehe as Jean aptly put it.

Whichever way, it reminds me, it's time to give this mane of mine some color in life!

Till the next post, happy soccering, blogging, maning!


Rajesh said...

Watched DaVinci code, but haven't read the novel (yet)! Should say that I picked up most of the movie barring the tons of history that Tom Hanks and his "trusty" friend throw out! My friend who read the novel had an opinion that there's a lot more in the novel than what was potrayed in the movie.
LOTR on the other hand is a well made movie, but ardent fans say that the books does a lot lot more justice to the idea than what a 8-9 hr movie does. As always, I've got to read it to find out! :)
Don't even ask me about Harry Potter... haven't read the books nor watched the movies ;)

Mogamboo said...

Da Vinci code was far better that Harry potter in the book to movie conversion factor... but yeah it could have done far far better...

hair and davinci code... whatz the connection ;-)??