Monday, June 19, 2006


Why blog?

A spelling error according to Microsoft, but WordWeb returns the meaning of blog as web log, a little bit of history here.

I can’t even remember why I created this blog, have never been an avid 'Dear Diary' person either; it was sometime in Feb this year, was on bench, the first time I actually had so much time on my hand. It was Rashmi Bansal's blog that caught my attention, my source of inspiration for this, have seen her participate in discussions on NDTV, very articulate and focused.

A sneak peek into your thoughts, events in life!. The day will probably come when the saturation point for blogging may arrive, until that to all us bloggers and our readers, a happy day!


Rajesh said...

I see it as an online diary... this one's public and people comment on your writing ;)
(Now who had time for them diaries anyways?? read in Texan accent :) )

Dev said...

Well, I was intro'ed to the world of blogging by Upasna (ref: 2nd link on my blogroll)... and I'm like "what's a blog?"... So I created one... read others... had fun. :)

It's a great outlet for ur creativity na? :D