Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Prestige is not so prestigious!

Time: Friday, 10:30 PM
Venue: Tinseltown
It was our date with 'The Prestige'. Hugh Jackman in the cast seemed like reason enough to watch the movie but it was not to be! This movie is about two magicians, Angier and Borden each trying to upstage the other in terms of their performances on stage and unseemingly offstage too. All this leads to a cat and mouse game in the awfully long 2 hours 10 minutes that the movie lasts.

The title refers to the last act of a magician, the Prestige or the final act, an act so spectacular it should leave the audience awe-inspired. It is their quest to achieve such a splendid act. It is a narrative movie but somehow midway loses focus and gets into confusing plots, there seems to be a very thin line between the narration and the story. The narration follows Angier and his quest and the rest of the plots are intermingled. It even has a reference to Thomas Edison trying to get hold of a formula for electricity? A plot that gets so hazy and messed up, it requires full concentration...take a few minutes off screen and it could be tough to follow.

Great acting by Christian Bale as Borden while was it a pretty ordinary performance by Jackman.

We somehow seem to pick all the wrong movies to watch as a team!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Can't seem to find it!

Apart from my previous post on M'lore, it’s been a long time, a long long time... The previous one doesn't count; it’s just a piece of news!!!

I can't even blame it on the uneventful life I've been leading....all the topics that were worthy of a post, starting from the Infy 25 year party at Buckhorn ranch, well maybe not this one, coz I couldn't even write a decent five lines on the party for ESsence, our ES newsletter...i was the editor of that one for a few issues and had to relinquish! or maybe I could talk about the certification I cleared with flying colors and talk on and on and try to make sense on all those 'MANDATORY' certifications we need to clear by whatever date and month.... it so reminds me of the mandatory mails we used to get to attend quarterly town halls, mandatory anyone? then there's the tender coconut drink and the impressive Italian restaurant and the cream Brule i wanted to write about, i guess i shouldn't talk about it much here, I might still someday in the wee hours of the morning after all the reviews are done, after all the issues I have no idea how to resolve are resolved still write about. And then the late night rendezvous at George Bush International airport, now that's something I think, would have made for some interesting piece of reading.

And finally my favorite shows on TV, and before you wonder, yes...I do find time to watch all of them... Grey's and CSI on the same time, big Thursday night... It was decision time and I had to go with Grey's, more on why I love this show coming up and Grey’s did beat CSI… yippee!, not that I care, but now its called the hottest show on television, even then why should I care???... LOST is back, season 3...seems as mysterious as before!

Some good songs I have been humming to recently... Amazed by Lonestar simply amazing, Sexy back - Justin timberlake catchy beat, Tonight - classic

All on this and more someday when I am awfully free and my mind is only thinking of my blog! Until then for all that is good in this world and for all that is not so good in this world?, does that cover the whole world?, ok, and also for all that is okay in this world

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Oh! Mangalore

Back, after a bit of a hiatus and disappointed by the events in Mlore...

Mangalore is on the front page of Times of India for all the wrong reasons. A relatively peaceful town, Mangalore is somehow also associated with being communally sensitive… these riots bring back memories of the communal riots that erupted in last few days of Dec 1998 and early Jan 1999, … Can’t remember the exact details, but tension flared up in Suratkal, spread on and was pretty bad.

Communal tension can escalate anywhere, especially when fuelled by politics. It may be surprising to some, Mangalore known for its education, literacy, being a pioneer in so many aspects… yet a small spark is enough!. It is sad really, heard that it seems like a ghost town since the past few days. Who benefits from all these insensible acts?, don't bother answering that one. …. It only hurts the image of a town and a town on the brink of something huge in terms of attracting large firms, a potential company may think twice….what if a curfew continues on and on for 3- 4 days, schedules could be messed up, revenue would be hit... This could happen anywhere in the world, but seems like it happens more often than not in India.

The latest update according to The Hindu, seems like we might have some life back into M'lore tomorrow. Fingers crossed!