Friday, June 23, 2006

Huh! its appraisal time

Oh, how I hate appraisal time!, I really seriously have begun to hate it, is there any profession where there are no appraisals? anyway why I hate it so much is probably not something to discuss here.

For the record this was my fifth appraisal in a career span of 3 months short of 3 years and this was my only appraisal that was partly done by a male appraiser. hmmm ... food for thought! :- )

Sorry, don't know why I am even posting this, there's nothing much else I can say. Went well though.


Dev said...

Congrats!!! :D
Mine went well too *does a jig around the floor* (yipppeeee)

P.S You've been tagged!

Vogon Interpreter!! said...

:D u have no idea how much i detest this rating process...!!
if not anywhere else... in my own organization.. its the most subjective, bigoted, **&#@#( system ive ever seen.
:D.. hehe im not a disgrubntled employee by the way.. :D.. they dont gie me reason to cmoplain abt my rating.. but yeah i sure seen its inefficiency... and eyah inaccuracy would be an understatement!!
:D.. my comment is abt to get longer than the blog!!
:D .. neways watchout fr my blog on this topic.. !! (a trailer here.. :D)