Monday, May 07, 2012


The title of this post used to evoke such disdain from us growing up. If ever the answer to the question 'What's for breakfast' turned out to be Sajjige then you knew that day already had the worse possible start. The version that we were used to eating was the one that was slightly sweet, with the dry fruits (cashew nuts, raisins). All things considered, it is one of the simplest breakfast items to make in a jiffy. I don't know what it was about, maybe the lumpy, dry look, the not-wanting a sugar-high in the morning (okay, I completely just made that up, I had no clue what sugar-high was when I hated, yes hated sajjige)

So then, I kinda had a history with Sooji, it represented something that was forced on me (us). Everytime someone ordered Upma (fancier version of the sajjige), it baffled my mind how someone could possibly enjoy a lumpy dish like that. It is only quite recently when I decided to try it out from one of the south Indian restuarants here, that I remembered the pack of sooji (Santa Clara had given it me) and I suddenly decided I wanted to make upma today.

So here goes in picture format.

Yes, tossed in a bit of that beautiful orange bell pepper too.

Ever since I've started cooking for myself, I really, truly appreciate all the cooking my mom has done for us. Without complaining, day-in and day-out, no day offs, no I'm tired of my own cooking so will order takeout days and no eat cereal for dinner days either.