Sunday, November 09, 2008

Yes, we did

It has been a historic week for the US and the world too. Of course, I am glad the election and the debates are done, no more interruptions for my favorite TV shows! Today's episode of The Amazing Race like the previous one had India as the pit-stop. It's great to see India in popular shows like this, but unfortunately the nastier side of India seems to be dominant, hilarious moments nevertheless.

In my attempt to to catch up on the backlog of movies, it was Body of lies and Nights in Rodanthe this week. Both the movies are miles apart however good in their own little ways. Surprisingly Quantum of Solace was released in a number of international locations and including India before the US release...wonder why the week's delay?

It's already that time of the year, shopping malls are decorated in red and green, supermarkets have created a special holiday section and people are changing their ringtones to 'Deck the Halls'!. This year is going to be unlike the past two years, I've already made sure of that! Thanksgiving 2006 was midnight shopping in LA, while 2007 was Lake Tahoe, 2008 is going to be brilliant!


Anonymous said...

Boy, you sure do enjoy your TV. :-) ... I maybe alone in saying this, but I don't like the new James Bond. ... Where are you gonna go for '08? Or is that supposed to be a secret/surprise?


Bini said...

hey thanksgiving 06 and 07 were fun:(