Monday, November 24, 2008

Ask Annie?

Okay, my name's not Annie! but how weird is it that I get approached for relationship advice not once or twice but thrice in one day and to think that I consider myself to be the last person to be handing out such advice to anyone! Not to mention the almost 10 minute conversation with a Comcast support person, talking about how she spent her weekend, her plans for thanksgiving and her woes and pros of buying gifts for Christmas.

Back to the drawing board, that's the terminal where all sorts of requests come in, including a few to start writing a book! I tell myself, don't flatter yourself! and considering my recent work, my supposed publisher has decided to abscond and ignore my calls, but then since I am getting pretty chummy (my definition of chummy, not yours) with one Associate Producer of AC360, I could have a shot at something!. Maybe its time to start with a relationship column, How does 'Dear Annie' sound?

The point of the above rambling was to linkback to an interesting post Cupid makes a few Mrs. I do like the title, Enjoy!


Bini said...

Hey..Your writing a book great:)..Im waiting for my signed copy:)

Hriday said...

Thanks for the link, rowe. :)