Saturday, November 01, 2008

I'll take that hour back

It's that time of the year...again, only this time its time to turn back the clocks for that extra hour and I'll take it gladly, and no I am not glad because the bars can serve for an extra hour! Of course, I am not going to set the time before I sleep, what fun would that be? the best part is waking up at 8 AM and realizing that it's only 7 AM, how awesome is that!

If you must know, I was not pleased at all on March 9th! I wish they would turn the clocks back on a Monday, there's nothing like getting an extra hour of sleep on a working day but then I dread to think of the reverse scenario!

Is it possible to lose time? As it is traveling through time zones can be really weird and confusing. India to the US is not so bad, but consider traveling from New Zealand to the US, you will infact be arriving at your destination before you left the source. I remember a trip when I was flying from Nevada (PST) to Utah (MST) and on to my final destination Seattle (PST). I go one hour ahead and then go back one hour, the flying time did not make much sense and I didn't think about it too much then, coz I was practically running to the plane to avoid getting stuck in Utah.

Consider a case where you have traveled to a daylight saving country such as the US before they advanced their clocks (if it was 2008, before march 9th), so essentially you've lost one hour, however you don't need to fret if you would continue to stay in a daylight saving country (US or Europe) until they turn back their clocks(Nov 2nd). But what if you traveled to a non-daylight saving country such as India or a state such as Arizona say in October?, where is that all important one hour? beats me!

Glad I have my hour back, thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, well, that was too much traveling and time calculations for my brain to compute. Cheers to "Indian Standard Time" ;-)

Glad you got your hour.


Mogamboo said...

Even i was thinking the same thing today morning :)