Sunday, November 23, 2008

Déjà vu

I almost get that foreboding sense of paramecia; no it’s not a kind of amnesia… though I wish it were. ‘Mark all as read’, is the only option in Google reader right now, except for the new items from friends and they sure are scarce to come by.

I remember logging into work during my thanksgiving vacation last year and actually making some code changes to handle a CR! This year seems no different, except for the fact that I can’t possibly code in the current situation! (Read can’t possibly with some dramatic effect :’))

I could be a workaholic, having a lot to do keeps me more sane than not having anything to do. Clearly that is not my problem, my concern is when the credits start to roll and I find my name missing. All those late nights and successful deployments seem to count for nothing if you choose to leave the project for an uncertain future (read bench!).

This plane must fly! Of course I don’t expect credit when it does.

On a side note, I ended up with two quarters of Hawaii yesterday, was presently surprised considering that it was only released 20 days ago, almost makes me want to go back to collecting state quarters again, but no, no way.

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Anonymous said...

"The deed is everything, the glory is naught." ... Some time ago I was asked to redo some seemingly impossible task that a bunch of high level engineers had been kicking around for almost a year. I agreed with only one condition: that I don't get my name put on it. My thinking was that I don't want to be the one who should have to answer questions or criticism from some random engineer in Germany or Sweden. I got some people together, got it done in a few months and handed it off. In retrospect, maybe I should have used the opportunity to my advantage, but ultimately the people who really matter know what I did.

On a side note, I have been walking around with 7 $1 dollar bills in my wallet for 21 days. It's a new world record.