Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday evening blues

Well, who does not suffer from them! It's worse than the Monday morning woes... the reflection of the week gone by, the anticipation or should I say lack of anticipation of the week ahead. It has been an eventful week and no I am not talking about the debate or the bailout deal.

Have you ever been notified of an 8 AM meeting at 11 PM the previous night?, it can only happen in India, was an appropriate one-liner, but I'm not in India! Nothing against the early morning meeting, in fact I'm all for an early start. I remember a 6:30 AM meeting in Plano, during which I had to make a presentation to the client, of course it was well planned and hence the meeting schedule sent well in advance.

Fall TV is back, the only new show I've started watching is Fringe on Fox, only because the creator is JJ Abrams, the same guy who created 'Lost' and then there are all the same old shows, some launched with a renewed interest such as NCIS and some continuing their downward spiral including Grey's Anatomy and Heroes.

Y'all have a great week ahead while I continue to pork barrel my hours for various activities in the day and of course the reasons for the eventful past week were not covered in this post.

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