Monday, September 08, 2008

Eating right?

I thought I'd eaten my share of the 'ugh' frozen meals for a lifetime, but then I chanced upon the Eating Right brand in the frozen foods aisle of Safeway and before I could stop myself, I was checking out a couple of packs! My motive, being the 'ready in 3 mins' phrase, microwaveable, no utensils to wash, no vegetables to chop! Well the supposedly nutritious, sans any taste meals, left one hungry gal hogging on breakfast bars half an hour after lunch!

< Now to the real eating right! It was all authentic Mangalorean cuisine, this past long weekend courtesy A's Mom in Belmont which included the works, Mutton, Chicken Curry, Sanna (its been such a long time since I tasted these fluffy rice cakes). Sanna and dukra-maas, make a heavenly combo, you know what I am talking about if you are a mangy.

Today is Nativity, the feast celebrating the birth of Mother Mary and is popularly celebrated back at home with the elaborate nine dishes (no meat) and novem jevam. It is one of the most important celebrations for the mangalorean catholics, the procession, the flower offering, the sugarcane, the family lunch with novem, each has its own traditional significance.

I think I am excused from the all veggie diet today and these sea creatures were my lunch and dukra-maas is in the pot for today's dinner. That about completes my eating right for the week despite what Dr. Pachuari says!, what about cow's milk and cheese, I ask!


Anonymous said...

Traditionally I prefer sanna and bokra-maas, but according to my father the real combo is supposed to be mutly and dukra-maas :)


RZD said...

hmm, and who can forget kube mutli or the pathrade in mutton curry!... mouth watering!