Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A mouthful of what?

While on the topic of eating, Seattle downtown has some truly quaint eatouts.

One such place is the turkish delight at the end of pike place market, a few stores down from the first starbucks store. They have the best baklawa, I've eaten to date. I was quite astonished at the price of the delicacies though, a small triangular bite of a pistachio baklawa costs $3.75, and again it's a cash only transaction restricting the quantity you can buy owing to all the plastic money in our wallets! But then it was well worth the price, a Turkish coffee to go with the sweet and I was all set to be amazed by the hustle and bustle of pike market on a Saturday evening.

Zig Zag Café: Not much of a choice for eating except for the sandwich which was pretty decent, but then of course, our motive was not to eat! This place has some of the best reviews for cocktails and I must agree with all the good reviews. I had the 'drink with no name', seriously that's what their menu says!, customized to my liking. It has an almost perfect ambience for a cocktail place, it was a tough find though, almost missed it twice! Who knew we had to go down the stairs!

Zaina: Nothing quaint about this place. The whole Egyptian, middle-eastern music and ambience gives it an almost mysterious hip atmosphere. The hookah bar, light dancing, Arabian men almost reminded me of one of those places in those Arabic serials I used to watch occasionally as a kid. Not really a place to venture out alone though.

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