Monday, March 01, 2010

The joy of owning a dog

vs the trouble? My neighbor next door owns a poodle, he's an adorable little thing. In case you're wondering he looks something like this dog

I do favor dogs over cats, in fact my paranoia flares up when I am in close vicinity of the feline variety. In any case I know it is too much trouble to own a dog here although I'd be more favorable to the German Shepherd or Alsatian or the Golden Retriever type of breeds. Coming to why not, as long as we live in our apartments, with a rather stringent pet policy and spend a significant amount of time outside with no one at home, caring for a dog is just not possible and really we can't have the dog fend for himself now, can we?

Maybe owning a dog comes with the white picket fence and the kids and the suburban living or NOT!

For now I make do with Caramel (in pic!), and then there's Pluto the little doggy and Dunno, the panda and oh, how can I forget the real dog from back home!


Lobo said...

I have been pestering my parents for quite some time now.. I love to have a pet dog but the question is who will take care of it when I'm out!

Caramel a maintenance free pet :o)

RZD said...

Hmm ... they won't let you buy one for yourself?
and your website link goes nowhere!

Lobo said...

Getting a pet is not a problem, but taking care of it is. I will be out most time of the day so...
The website has two links at the top right corner. here is the blog link-

RZD said...

thanks, you did seem familiar, now I remember... internal blogs!