Thursday, March 11, 2010


Who are all these people who say they are totally content in their lives? Tell me, I want to meet you, I want to know what makes you happy and content? How did you get there? Don't you ever suffer from the 'grass is greener' syndrome?

Most people I know are at various phases of contentment or so to say. If having a daughter seems like the 'it' for someone, just being married or having a companion may be the only point of satisfaction for someone else. Then there's some who don't want all that, they say they are happy the way they are, but then comes the huge 'BUT' they want to be *more* rich, want to own a yacht or have their 15 minutes of fame/maybe more or there are some who just want to be left alone, who don't want to be micro-managed, who want to be their own boss, who just wanted it to stop being so cold and snowy and chilly!

Again it is a question of 'what' after all this? Are your wants satisfied or do they keep blossoming? I want a little of the grass is paler and grass is greener syndrome in my life. I want to be grounded, settle for something while continue my quest for everything else. Where do I draw the line, what are these lines made of?

There are days when I live in a black-box and sometimes I live in a blue-box. Give me a little bit of sunshine or let me enjoy my cup of coffee in peace or just lick that frosting off the cupcake one day and on some others a trip to the moon would not suffice! I draw lines in my mind for all those boundaries and sometimes when they was wash out, I re-draw the lines that were originally drawn in chalk, now in felt-tip pen. They might fade too, but that's okay, I'll be happy then or I'll draw those lines with something way cooler! Maybe I'll narrow it down, maybe I'll widen it just a little bit, maybe I'll pick precisely something that is all wrong for me, but then who knows until it has been tried, has been tasted, maybe that's the way we're wired.

And a simple want after a long mentally exhausting day at work! maybe just enough?
'All I want to do is go home and kick off these incredibly painful shoes, eat pizza and watch some really bad TV where people’s lives are more screwed up than mine.'
- Addison Montgomery

Quid-nunc is from the words 'what' and 'now' describing a person who does not cease to ask 'What now'! Isn't that what life's quest is all about?

Okay, done with my rant. Don't even get me started on the lines that separate the wants from the needs!

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Lobo said...

being happy or content is just a state of mind... as I always keep saying, 'it is all in the mind.'