Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The cooking range clock and the microwave clock were blinking 12:57, it couldn't have been AM since I could see the sun streaming in through the window shades and on my groggy eyes. My first thought was that I had somehow turned off the main switches for both the microwave and the range.

I turn off the mains for the heater as sometimes it gets uncontrollably hot and the heater knob seems to be mal-functioning, I hear ya ... I need to put in a maintenance request for that like I've been meaning to for the past two weeks, one of these days for sure!

Anyway, so I go check the mains and despite my still slightly dazed state of mind, I can see that all the switches are in the 'ON' position like the way they are supposed to be. I then fiddle with microwave and can see that it works fine and the range too. Finally it strikes me! I check the time on that little travel clock and its blinking 12:58 in not so much glory and likewise on the range and microwave too!

For the life of me, I honestly believed it to be closer to 3 PM or so! maybe it had to do with my successful attempts at making panpole (finally) and consuming them non-stop with that tomato chutney and copious amounts of chai or it had something to do with that mid-noon dream, I remember nothing of! In any case, 12:57 it was!


Purely Narcotic said...

Love the new look of the blog!

Panpole talk, OMG! I must go out there and get the coconut. Today, forsure.

RZD said...

thank you :-) I keep getting conflicting views on that!

do it... here, whenever there is fresh coconut in the house, there is always panpole batter.

Bini said...

Confused? U slept before noon!?or were u narrating a dream..Or maybe im just extremely hungry while reading this???

RZD said...

@Bini Nopes, no dream ... it was my day off! I was probably high on all the panpoles :-P

heh, maybe you are :-) thanks for the joyofbaking.