Sunday, February 28, 2010

Country living

Yet another journey of a 1000 pieces was complete on 1/1/2010 despite my really wanting to complete it by 12/31/2009 and its taken only all of two months to put up a picture!

There isn't really a story this time around, only just one significant common denominator in both these completed projects. The half assembled piece went through a move this time around and more precariously this time I might have to add as I didn't bother to pack it up. I was surprised when I put the last puzzle piece in as I was pretty sure I'd lost at least one piece in some car along the way or in the grass! or that someone had stolen it!

This puzzle is a part of the Thomas Kinkade's Country Living Series and unlike the last time I own this through and through in every sense of the word and it was completed with zero help.


Bini said...

Very nice..Cant remember the last time I assembled a puzzle..Keeps the brain active! What do u once your done..Is there an option of Framing?

RZD said...

Yes, had the old one framed in M'lore, had a 10 piece set too ... but then was assembled back there itself. I think I'll have to check in Target for a frame, it's all glued up though.