Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Waltzing Matilda

I am halfway through the JAG marathon, which started about three weeks ago and ‘waltzing matilda’ has stuck in my head!. I started from the finale episode of Season 1 for obvious Harm & Mac issues! Anyway it’s been a pretty awesome ride so far, refreshing my memory of this almost too good series of JAG lawyers. Which other TV show could I try a marathon for? Of my mind only two other shows seem worthy - X-Files and Lost.

While sprinting towards a long weekend which I know will be calm & relaxed, I’ve been catching up with my latest obsession! Blogging live on AC360, I could not contain my excitement when Anderson Cooper’s comment followed mine on a couple of occasions on a couple of weeknights. Talk about beginner’s luck… How often you have a comment to make or just feel like sharing your view when the newscaster reads out the news? Obviously gone are the days when the newscaster’s only job was to read out news!, but you know what I mean.

Live Blogging gives you just that, share your thoughts, your opinions all in real time and respond to fellow bloggees. The timing of the show is unfortunately kinda inconvenient to us West-Coasters… 7 PM is still kinda early in the day to be blogging...

Amazing news out of Colombia, with the rescue of hostages held by farc, truly a miracle. I can't even begin to fathom what it would be like to get back to life after 5+ years. It's no question that it is going to be a tough ride for all the rescued hostages and their loved ones.

Back to my matilda, the image that comes to mind on listening to Waltzing Matilda is one of Scottish men with kilt and bagpipes, I love singing this song at the top of my voice!.. but it sure would have sounded better with an aussie accent!

This one is a pretty neat version

The title of this post is a popular folk song considered as the un-official national anthem of Australia and is sung by the JAG officers in the Season 5 episode ‘Life or Death’

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