Sunday, July 13, 2008

Grasping at straws

A couple of brilliant trailers, if only the end result were half as good. Spoiler alert for those who have not yet watched 'The Happening' and 'Wanted'

What's happening in 'The Happening'? Manoj Night is one of those guys, who you could bet on getting India within arms reach of the Oscar's, I do believe he has the ability to direct a Oscar winner movie. The Sixth sense, Unbreakable and Signs were truly commendable efforts. Despite the strong presence of Mark Wahlberg, this work of his fails to make an impact. The lead actress seemed in a constant drug induced wide eyed state, almost as if she was going to collapse in a fit! Incorporating global warming and all in the movie didn't really pay off and the story seemed very open ended.

In one line - Poor acting, horrendous dialogue and absolutely no substance in the storyline.

Wanted - I really don't get the need for all the extreme close up shots of bullets going through heads!, dreadfully painful movie to watch and I must say I am surprised at this movie's pretty good tomatometer ratings.

The storyline seems close to Minority Report. That was a well made movie with brilliant flow and execution, full stop to the comparison. The mistakes in the woven fabric spinning out the perpetrator's (the person who has to be assassinated next) name, fate and belief to made a heady cocktail... which unfortunately is unbelievable! Too much violence and too much slow motion for my liking, neither of James McAvoy(brilliant performance in Last King of Scotland and Atonement), Morgan Freeman or Angelina Jolie's performances were worth talking about either.

Wesley Gibson, the lead protagonist, its not a wonder that he is Ego surfing, but it is a wonder that his search yielded no results. I can bet that even before the movie was released google would have thrown up at least a couple 100 pages of dirt!

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movie base on book said...

I have read "Atonement" by Ian McEwan.I love this story.
also I had read the book by Ernest Hemingway was called "A Farewell to Arms"
that story was included "Love War Seperation".I think Atonement is a little same as this story.
anyway I love this type story .also I saw the file ,Keira Knightley was excellent .
I propose to anybody have read this book watch the film ,too