Monday, July 28, 2008

Six days

Have you ever been in a morbid state of mind? when the niggles and sniffles of life and an active imagination seem to fuel your paranoia. Did you know that the inability to sneeze when you felt the onset of one could be a manifestation of medullary neoplasm, whatever that means. Wow, that does sound morbid! Have you ever seriously considered writing a will?

The newly opened H&M, seemed to have caused the entire Seattle to descend on the South Center Mall as did I, it was a sea of people either queuing up to enter the store or seeking to heed to the call of their growling stomach or just watch the Dark Knight/X-Files. I somehow managed to do all three and that's when the thought that there could be a deranged killer in our midst crossed my mind. It's not the first time that such a thought has crossed my mind, it has probably to do with that sense of morbidity that seems to be looming over me!

Today in church, (for some unknown reason, I made it to Church in good time, which I must say has become a rarity of late!) I started to dwell on the complexities of the mind that takes the life of unknown strangers, after all, colleges, malls and churches seem to have the highest incidence of random shootings.

And amidst all the thinly veiled death threats, there's the miracle of life, of birth itself. Three babies were baptized today, with their beauty and innocence intact. It somehow served as an affirmation, that this is what fuels life, the marvel of a child. Each of babies seemed averse to the holy water being poured on their heads but not so much to the holy oil on their foreheads. It was indeed a marvel when Father lifted each baby up at the altar, presenting them to the parish and declaring them a member of the Congregation. It was a humbling experience.

The title of the post has nothing to do with the fact that it took six days for God to create the universe however it has everything to do with the fact that I believe in a higher eternal power, in a God who possibly created the universe as we know it, and despite the thoughts of morbidity, I am in awe of life, despite the roller-coaster or the see-saw that is called life, I hope to do my bit for a better world... however cliched and beauty pageantish it may sound!

The title of the post is a song title sung by DJ Shadow


Anonymous said...

Very eloquent.


Bini said...

Beautifully worded.. Its so refreshing:)

Anonymous said...

I think u need the seventh day - rest! ;)