Monday, July 21, 2008

Government fixing?

An MP's job seems like the most lucrative profession in India right now! Match fixing in Tennis or cricket seem to pale in comparison to 50 Crores!. Our very own version of the big fat greek wedding seems to be unfolding in the Indian parliament.

I do support Manmohan Singh and his government's stand on the nuclear deal, it will be good for India and for once the government seems to have decided in the interest of the country by not backing down despite pressure from its 'so called allies'. It is however surprising that not enough focus has been given to take the benefits of the nuclear pact to the common people, very little has been said about the deal itself.

The government has to win the trust vote, plunging the country into elections/presidential rule just eight months shy of completing its term seems unfair and a burden amidst countries of the world trying to recover from a falling economy and high inflation.

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