Sunday, August 13, 2006


Not first day first show, but close enough!

WTC is the real life account of two port authority police officers, John (Nicholas Cage) and Will, their struggle as they survived the rubble of the twin towers and how their families cope with the events of the day.

The date is Sept. 11th, 2001, the movie starts with the officers heading out for their mundane patrols and on that particular day with special instructions to be on the lookout for a missing girl, why the line about the girl, it wasn’t taken up at all later on in the movie…
A shadow of an aircraft and seconds later, the officers are a part of a rescue team, to rescue people trapped inside tower 1. They show people walking, awfully slow I thought in a situation like that, some with injuries, some with a helping hand to others as they made their way out. Back to the officers, who at the concourse level get stuck, when the tower collapses, the focus of the story is on the officers pinned under piles of rubble and their families on that fateful day. That’s the complete storyline!

Don’t expect much out the movie, the name seems so inappropriate, I mean WTC should have signified something on a greater scale, the focus here is very very narrow.

Some of the dialogue is so clich├ęd, John and Will talking to each other on an almost dark screen, talking about not going off to sleep. It was as if they were telling the audience not to sleep, coz most of them did or some others just went out for long breaks…, humor at the most inappropriate times, its not a scene where you should laugh, but you did!

Most of the scenes are news footage, the pace real slow; the storyline generic to say the least, Ladder 49 was better.

One of the best moments was the scene at the hospital, John’s wife and another lady who was awaiting news about her son, the bonding of two complete strangers at a point like that was well brought out.

A complete disappointment

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Anonymous said...

>>>> talking about not going off to sleep. It was as if they were telling the audience not to sleep,

Even i felt same way. To keep the audiance awake.