Saturday, August 05, 2006

Blog jargon!

Frankly I don't understand the blog language, you are tagged!, ask me what it means...huh

okay, this is one of those old forwards, credit to Harsha, I don't know him, read his blog if there's a link from devz blog , don't know dev personally either, but i enjoy reading his blog, i could call him my colleague and he does write well, and a bit about M'lore too, which is what drew me intially...

Are you American or English?
Neither, am Indian

What are you listening to right now?
Carrie Underwood’s ‘Jesus take the wheel’

What are the last two digits of your phone number?

What was the last thing you ate?
Chicken wings from mcdee’s

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

How is the weather right now?
Hot, unlike what I said in the previous post, the storm has passed us!!

Last person you talked to on phone?
Heard binaisha on her voicemail, if it doesn't count, then my dad

First thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Dress sense

How are you today?
Good, after all the shopping!

Favorite Drink?
Hmm …maybe tea

Favorite Alcoholic Drink?
Twisters, Coolers, Breezers…you can call them whatever you want, Martini and wine (red, white and absolutely love port)

Favorite Sport?
Don’t really play any sport!, except for badminton
To watch, F1 and tennis

Hair Color?
Keeps changing, currently a light shade of auburn red

Eye Color?

Do you wear contacts?

An elder sis, a younger sis and bro

Favorite food?
No preference, except for some un-namable leafy vegetables and egg-plant and bitter gourd and some more!!

Last movie you saw?
Rumor has it

Favorite Day of the Year?
I used to enjoy dec 3rd as a kid, sept. 8th now, but I need to be at home in M’lore!

Are you too shy ask someone out?

Summer or winter?

Hugs or Kisses?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

What books are you reading?
Bid and won a collection of Mary Jane Clark books on ebay, will start reading one of them today!

What's on your mouse pad?
No mouse!!!!!,, only touchpad

Favorite board game

Favorite Smell
yeah, the mud smell, after the first rains

Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Favourite flower?

What's the first thing you think when you wake up?
Brush my teeth…

What's the time?
3:55 PM

Ever been so drunk you blacked?

Been in a car accident?
Yep, I could call it that

Been hurt emotionally?
hmm…who hasn’t been

Kept a secret from anyone?

Wanted to hook up with a friend?
Yep, not really a friend

Cried during a movie?
yep, maybe a couple of times

Had a crush on a teacher?

Ever thought an animated character was hot?

Had New Kids on The Block Tape?
Yep, love them

Been on stage?
Yep, Teen of the year 1999, being the most significant I guess

Fav Subject?
Mathematics, chemistry, history and geo

Fav person you talk to online?

Who have you known the longest of your friends?
Jean and Elmeena

Who's the shyest?
Elmeena of course

Worst feeling?
I get those a lot, have to figure them out…

Favourite word?
huh, chetan calls me the huh girl!

This was harder than i thought, have deleted the irrelevant ones....wish i had the one i filled in years ago! for comparison


Rajesh said...

And just when I thought that I'd successfully evaded scrutiny!

"Who's the weirdest?


RZD said...

what, where, who? ;)

Rajesh said...

Aaaaaggggghhhhh!!!!! Just when I was about to "prove" your point, the almighty hands of the creator (of the blog!) grabs the magic wand (i.e keyboard of the laptop), does slight gestures with the hand and poof! I really REALLY look weird with that comment now!!

So let me add a couple of questions myself:

Ever been zapped by a lightning?
Oh yeah.. this isnt my first time!

And ever felt like the lightning actully pulled the carpet beneath your feet!
I'm with you TOTALLY man!!!