Wednesday, August 09, 2006

So you think you can dance!

Can't believe I actually picked up the phone and voted for one of these guys, not once but twice!!!

Got hooked onto So you think when its new season premiered on fox, this show as cheesy as its name might sound is pretty decent and unlike all those other reality shows which so makes you want to turn/switch off after a couple of mundane episodes. Indian idol is one such example, a drama playing out on TV with all the cheap stunts for publicity! There was an Indian show Nacche Baliye, I guess ripped off from so you think, but the US version is so much better and the dance routines are refreshing and mesmerizing to watch, there's a pool of dancing talent out there.

While on the subject of reality television, haven't we had our fill?, right from the very controversial temptation island to the apprentices and idols of this world! The fall TV schedule is out and it does sound exciting and without reality. But I did the unthinkable this time, I called in, so there must be something to it after all!!!

My vote for the worst among the reality shows I've seen so far goes to Maury's show!....pathetic and a lousy excuse for reality TV.

Btw, voted for benji, will be crossing my fingers for him as the results are announced tomorrow

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Rajesh said...

TV!! Isn't that an invention in the early 1900s?? You mean someone's still watching it?? ;)
At least I stopped watching it a long while back! I'd rather enjoy real life than WATCH reality TV shows!! That almost sounds like looking at a fruit and describing how great it may taste rather than going ahead and tasting it! My message to producers and viewers: If you want to get ANY benifit out of these reality shows, then watch life stories of REAL people who made a REAL difference in the world! Not a bunch of losers fighting, backstabbing and throat-slitting one another to get on the top! Who knew that there was so much money to be raked in by showcasing the sadist side of human nature! Gone are the days of heroes! Gone are the days of legends.... rant .... rant... rant.....

PS: Does anyone have DVDs for temptation island??? Never watched a single episode, but would love to watch it after all the furoe it created with Sushma Swaraj and Culture Vultures Inc. ;)

Did someone just say "weird"?? (Or most weird?? ;)