Thursday, August 24, 2006

Not done!

This is a line I found in a report published on yahoo features, the story is about a newly opened Hitler eatery in Bombay, the controversy about the usage of Hitler and the Swastika symbol, to quote ‘Some Indians regard Hitler as just another historical figure and have little knowledge about the Holocaust, in which 6 million European Jews were systematically killed during World War II’

I don’t know…but this statement somehow caught me on the wrong foot, what’s with the ‘Some Indians’ theory? Why should the knowledge of Indians be any less than any other country not directly in the cross-fire during World War II? I mean it just can’t be said? Would you like to comment on our knowledge of PolPot or the regimes of Fidel Castro or Robert Mugabe too? What is the ‘level’ of knowledge of the rest of the world about the struggle for the Indian Independence?, the quote if nothing else sounds so clich├ęd.

On an vaguely related note, why do men think Women know very little history?, I do believe I can carry on a decent conversation on any significant event in history and I am sure a lot of my fellow women colleagues would be able to, leave out the historians and the archivists. Three gentlemen in an elevator were discussing World War II and Adolf Hitler and one of them blurted, ‘Women would probably not know much about Adolf Hitler... ‘. I was flabbergasted, if it wasn’t my floor to get off on, I would have tested his knowledge on the subject…maybe not since I don’t know those guys…anyway it was better to leave them in their make believe world.


RavZ said...

from a judicial discrimination to a sexual discrimination!! Whats the intent?? However, undefyingly, Hitler would still be considered a historical figure for his contemptous conquers, despite the inhuman!! Having said that, America as a nation should be condemned as one that begun the nuclear disharmony!
On a lighter note, too vast a subject to comprehend!!

Rajz! said...

"some" != "all"
The first report is factually correct. And on a "vaguely" related note, the second part says "why do men"... not "why do some men"....
Hence questions that YOU put up in the first part are now to be answered by yourself!
As for the second part, "If you teach a pig to sing, you waste your time AND annoy the pig"! Some people are best left in the narrow well that they belong to!

The atom was waiting to be discovered... it was is USSR's hands too! You should be criticizing the fact that they are prohibiting others from reaching the summit that they are on, while not showing any signs of reducing their own stockpiles! But as you say, why should I litter someone else's blog to describe it all.. right??