Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shopaholic anonymous?

After two major shopping spree's within a spate of an hour and without even stepping into the cold cold weather outside, I begin to wonder. Am I a potential candidate for SA? and then I came across this trailer and it gave me great joy.

I know I'm not as bad!, even though the joy I feel right now may be momentary or until I see my credit card statement... but admission is the first step towards recovery!!! '@#$ for the innovation of online shopping.

I remember reading about the types of shoppers, it was some training on the retail domain, it is no doubt that I fit into the impulsive category, but some day I'll have the right classification! Until then, sorry for the rambling, will join SA, right now.

Recession, Really?

1 comment:

Bini said...

an online excel sheet will do the trick!:)