Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meandering thougths!

  • I kinda like clearing my own trash bin in office, we had to start doing this due to the IAM strike.
  • My new wireless headset is awesome, I hope it will reduce my chance of getting an earstroke from all the meetings I used to attend with the phone stuck in my ear!
  • I am trying to deal with my coat fetish (read this post), at least I don't get up in the morning wishing the temperature would drop even further!
  • I'm contemplating switching from Ibuprofen to Advil.
  • We all know Fox News is pro-republican, without a doubt... but is CNN leaning towards the left. (Left in this case is left of the GOP, not like the left equals communist parties in India)

    Have you noticed how easy it is to

    1. hate Barack Obama for the not-so obvious racial reasons ( not to me) and at the same time hate McCain too because everyone else hates him?

    2. say we love you to random strangers, people we don't know personally such as someone who writes extremely hilarious blog posts on AC360.

    3. gulp down a full bottle of arbor mist without even feeling tipsy!

    and no, I am not going through a mid-life crisis, maybe a teenie weenie quarter life crisis! sigh!

    Anonymous said...

    Strike - that's at least a good excuse. How about "the facilities don't think it is worth the work, so we'll only do it once a month". And the addendum: "no food items in personal bins due to the flies". Hmmm...

    As for your coats perhaps you're doing something positive for this economy?


    RZD said...

    no food items in personal bins due to the flies
    M, OMG, have you been reading my emails?, i think i received one that was exactly worded!...

    ah, yea... didn't see it that way...but now don't encourage me!

    Bini said...

    wireless headsets are awesome!!!:)..Especially if u have to make all the international calls at 9 in the morning at the same time catch up with work email and unfinished tasks from day before:)..Also I feel less guilty about calling Customer Care from work..!Cause they can put me on hold all they want..while I type away!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RZD said...

    @bini, so true and not to forget that it looks so cool and you can pick up a cup of coffee too... all while on call :)