Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar night

I read the title of this post and thought 'how cliched!', it reminded me of my neighbor Oscar Weltha, and cute little Ross... the story behind the name, well it's not as straightforward as I thought!
Ellen Degeneres was the host of the 79th Academy awards held last night, she was very refreshing to the extent that the entire show being watch worthy, couldn't say the same about most of the other award shows. Have watched her talk show only a couple of times and it was not particularly riveting but her style, her flow last night was absorbing.

Well, no major upsets as far as the awards go unlike the last time around or maybe there was one, Best Supporting Actor, have watched 'Little Miss Sunshine' and frankly couldn't see the reasoning behind the award to Alan Arkin. Not my place to comment anyway!
Complete list of winners

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Mogamboo said...

I wished Will Smith will get the best Actor!!