Thursday, March 08, 2007

houston livestock rodeo & Sheryl Crow

Despite all the traffic snarls on 610 we made it in good time (only 45 mins late) for yesterday's SuperSeries Championship round at the Houston livestock and rodeo event to witness some of the rodeo events and the concert performance at the reliant stadium.

And witness we did, in some instances more so than humankind's cruelty to animal, it was the animal's cruelty to man!

Saddle bronc riding is it some sort of rhythmic gymnastics, only not as graceful and on horses!, almost like the horse guffawing at every step! And then the Steer wrestling, where the wrestler who is on a horse has to stop a young bull and pin it to the ground, very cruel

The most popular event did seem like the Bull Riding, cruel again! man on a bull trying to tame it for a few seconds and then running away when he comes chasing after you! And justly so the 2006 champion emerged with flying colors, but then I guess there ain't anything like a winner, they all feel like winners in their own right in this mad mad ride! The Wagon Race was a fast event with horses racing all over. Calf scramble was a fun event with hilarious moments and teens in their quest to tame the calf, a few were successful, it may seem easy but it's not, as of course the calf has a mind of its own!

Barrel racing a ladies horse riding event - graceful and flamboyant event of the evening, cowgirls and graceful, a girl can be graceful on a horse as much as prince charming can be on his!

The lights went out for Sheryl Crow's performance, this being my first time inside reliant stadium for a concert, the atmosphere was electric, the fireworks superb.

Sheryl who last year had to cancel her performance at this same event after being diagnosed with breast cancer, made her way to the stage on a beautiful horse that didn't seem to want her to disembark! Take me for a ride lady!

She started off with a bunch of numbers I couldn't hum to and then got into the groove with First cut is the deepest, If it makes you happy, Are you strong enough to be my man ( An invitation to the Texan cowboys only!), All I wanna do I have some fun and Soak up the sun

The acoustics seemed a little screwed up as while she was talking I could barely understand her and most of the crowd too I presume as they couldn't respond well enough to her!


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Anonymous said...

awesome.... must have been great..... bohoo I was not there..... :(.. Chandan

Rajz said...

Despite my STRONG reservations about hurting animals for pleasure, good that you finally saw what Texas is "famous" for! Don't forget to get a Cowgirl cap as a souvenir :)