Tuesday, February 06, 2007


For some reason today, I thought of the maggi served in our night canteen during those good ole' days! 12.5/- for one plate without vegetables and 13.5 with, if my memory serves me right, and yep the 1/- worth of veggies was really worth it!!! Hmm...those were the days in MIT and Manipal! Given a choice it would be yes to top ramen, no maggi!

and then my thoughts wandered to our first attempt at cooking in that hostel room in Block I, 101 was it?... Potato curry I think, as if the aloo that they served in every dish be it breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner in the mess wasn't enough! Turned out good enough to eat I think!

Ah... back to business, my Alma Mater MIT, rechristened as ManipalTech for the jubilee celebrations is celebrating 50 years of its glorious existence; hope to keep my date with her sometime at the end of this year!

Meanwhile check these out, MIT truly looks awesome,
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    Chill Maadi!


    Mogamboo said...

    1 plate of maggi and 12.5/- :O ... if i remember correctly 1 pack of maggi costs only 5/- .. who was cooking it? some 5 star chef??

    BTW MIT does looks awesome...

    Bini said...

    Hey..How can we forget the Potato curry? I remember the 2 of u were arguing for 10 minutes whether the onions should be washed or not!!!!...btw the room was 010:-)

    Franklin M said...

    Great video Roweena!