Wednesday, September 08, 2010

A little tradition

This post will continue to satisfy something I noticed recently, a little tradition if I may call it that. There's no point to be made, there's no advice to be given and there's no experience to share.

I'll leave you with the lyrics from Ryan Star's Breathe, only because I've been humming it all day.

She's fine, most of the time 
She takes her days with a smile 
She moves like dancing in light 
Spinning around to the sound 
But sometimes she falls down 

 Breathe, just breathe 
Take the world off your shoulders 
And put it on me Breathe, just breathe
Let the life that you lead Be all that you need


Anonymous said...

A tradition of posting on Sep 8:)-Bin

RZD said...

bingo, you get a prize :-)

Karthik P said...

Enjoyed the small poem :):)

RZD said...

Song lyrics, they are. The video is linked, it's moving about the impact of the recession on daily lives.