Thursday, September 16, 2010

Famous Bakery

Ever since we had learnt the nuances of crossing the road on our own, Famous Bakery came into the league of our little extended world. Currency notes in hand we used to practically run to the bakery, Mama always told us how many to bring in total, but the assortment was up to us.

By default I'd pick a minimum of one egg puff for myself, possibly a meat and occasionally the veg puff. We'd count the change, mumble a few words in Kannada in response to the Tulu from the Famous uncle and hurry back to eat the garma garam puffs. And then we just learnt who wanted what.

Since it's been a long time since my teeth had the pleasure of biting into one of those egg marvels, I decided to take matters into my own hand and my stomach thanked me as well after  the little attempt.

The puff pastry sheets truly simplified my work, but it is impossible to achieve the typical layers in this sort of puff coating.

 I hope the pictures speak a thousand words!


Anonymous said...

Awesome job girl..! I made the ham and egg pie using those same pastry sheets!:)..I think the layering depends on how much the pastry is thawed.for individual bite sized items , I use the pastry squares (these are a little hard to find vs the pastry sheets).I found them in a Mediterannean store here and I used them to make sausage rolls (a.k.a pigs in blankets:)). I've noticed that if the the pastry is too thawed then it doesnt attain the desired "puffiness". A trick I've learnt from mom is thaw the individual squares and put them in the fridge and remove one at a time and use them.Sorry for hogging the comment space..Got carried away:)..Bin

RZD said...

Thank you :) Yes, I think they were *too* thawed. Will look for the pastry squares, but I think I'm gonna try this again from scratch with dough.

Lobo said...

Now I have to try this one... I had completely forgotten about ~5 rupeewala egg puffs. :D
THough I'd love to prepare it from scratch, the dough part is hardwork I guess... lets see