Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow footprints

I absolutely enjoy putting in my footprints on fresh pristine snow. There's so many emotions attached to that simple act, I can't begin to explain it. It probably stems from my slightly obsessive attitude towards order, I haven't figured it out yet!

I can sit hours looking at the snow fall on the side-walks, on the grass, on what was once the road and not bother doing anything else. The act of looking back and seeing your footprints or rather I must say shoe-prints is exhilarating, uplifting, simple as it may be.

Try it, it sure will give you a good feeling.

Here's a slightly skewed measurement of the snow we got this past weekend.


Hriday said...

How does leaving footprints on snowy grounds relate to a liking of orderliness? If anything, isnt it just the opp? :D

RZD said...

@Hriday, exactly ... antithesis is therapeutic too!