Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The lone glove

There she was sitting in the bottom drawer; she keeps longing and hoping that she finds her better half. She looked all around her and found another one just not like her, she was black, and the other was red, a little longer too. The black glove couldn’t quite fathom why she wasn’t discarded? It’s not like she could be matched with the red glove!

Yet, she still has hope, maybe when her owner rummages through her couch, she’ll find the one missing glove or maybe she’ll buy another pair just like her or maybe she’ll learn to live!

Come winter and I find myself missing a glove, so now I have two single gloves, I can’t discard them. What if it is a serendipity situation as unlikely as it may seem? Maybe I should also write my number on a 5$ bill before using it at the grocery store too.

Of course the attachment to the gloves is not as much to the head cap I lost a few days ago, the only one I’ve really bonded with, the one I’ve possessed since my sister gave it to me years ago, from the hills of kodaikanal.

This usually happens with socks, not to me though, maybe I’m more careful with socks, it could be the fact that I have a few that are all the same and it won’t matter if I miss one, 3 exact same socks will still make a pair, no?

And then there are those pretty earrings, about 4 dangling single earrings and again they can’t be worn mismatched. Maybe I’ll find the second one, maybe I won’t.


Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar..Im holding on to a black glove since last year. I know exactly how it feels to lose something of sentimental value..and I've lost one earring of 2 pairs so far both given as gifts..sigh..

Hriday said...

Self-pity has no remedy. :P And i dont know if it is intentional but the last few letters of the last word in the title are too difficult to ignore in context :D

RZD said...

@binpin, yes it's worse when they are gifts. In fact one of those earrings, it changes color in the light, again was given to me by the sis!

@Hriday, glove, love? Why? What context?
when I talk about the glove, I mean glove.

vk said...

Heh! I had decks of cards with a few missing cards lying around. After years of hoping to retrieve the lost cards, I threw the decks away!

RZD said...

@VK, that will happen someday or I will start wearing mismatched earrings!