Monday, June 09, 2008

A cup of coffee

The first Starbucks coffee shop is right here in Seattle, in the famous Pike Place Market.

Despite the 'you can't miss the shop' kind of comments, we almost did!. It is quite different from your regular starbucks coffee shop, a definite tourist attraction and most people seemed quite content clicking pictures and purchasing memorabilia, but not me of course, the caffeine shot had to be taken.

Notice the 'Soon' on India!

The title of this post is a song title by Johnny Cash


Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon this almost 9 years after you posted. Soon wasn't that soon though. Starbucks finally embraced India in 2015 :-)
I first had my Starbucks coffee in July 2011 at one of their outlets in New York. I loved it so much I thought it was the best thing on the planet. And now when it's been an India for almost 2 years, we got bored of it, lol. It's not that kinda-of-a-big-deal anymore. I miss those days when it was ! Now when I travel abroad I steer clear of Starbucks and try to explore local cafe's instead of international chains.
I loved your post though. My husband has been to Seattle but I'm yet to go. And I'd love to go to the original Starbucks @ the Pike Place Market :-)

Roweena D'Souza said...

I'm stumbling back to my blog thanks to you!

You should, Seattle is easy to fall in love with and as for coffee - well, I'm a completely different coffee person now than I was then.