Friday, August 31, 2007

t'was a tax free weekend and t'was a long time ago!

its quite a novel concept, especially with the sales tax rates at 8.25%... tax free weekend seems like the perfect time to shop for all those shoes and clothes which you probably don't really need! Sometimes I do think, the only thing you can do in Houston is shop! Anyway, this time around the state administration themselves told us to go out and shop, well... they did mean to fill up the gas tanks and stock up on groceries but whatever.... and all that in anticipation of Dean, who had other plans!

and back to the movies, seems like that's the only one thing I write about these days... two movies, the only semblance between them is the setting... i.e Britain

Becoming Jane: A simple yet wonderful narration of what is definitely an exaggeration of one of the incidents in Jane Austen's life. Nevertheless, the intricate portrayal of a young girl's life, the difficult choices she has to make... was somewhat poignant. Despite being set in the 18th century, the truths we believe in are all the same, the taste of forbidden fruit seems really exciting! Anne Hathaway made the Jane Austen look glamorous to an extent although her pulling off a slightly older Jane in the last scene of the movie seemed a trifle unnecessary.

and the other movie: there wasn't any hype, well there couldn't have been.... I mean, I seriously did not get the point. This movie is so uninteresting, you could watch the news instead! there's no plot, no story... have to admit the term Caesar was most confusing...the kid from Love Actually(the little boy who falls in love!, the most cliched storyline of all the plots in that movie!) is Caesar huh! and what's with Aiswariya Rai's role... She says in almost quote I'm Mira, from South India, Kerala unquote and talks about her country being an ally of who? the British or the Romans... whatever and who cares, and she is trying to be a Jhansi ki Rani... she's gotta know it, she didn't pull it off. And all this despite the presence of Ben Kingsley and Colin Firth and well the movie was called 'The Last Legion'.

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Rajz said...

Boy! I didn't know that you were so bored that you started watching art movies! ;)
As far as Aish is concerned, I'm a fan when I see her stills.. not movies ;)

And it is surprising that Texas has 8.25% sales tax when they supposedly have 0% state income tax! :O