Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Let’s talk movies

in LIFO order...

Bourne Ultimatum, With a running time of a little under 2 hours, this rendition is fast paced, with non-stop action, awesome international locations and starts with a pledge to tie all loose ends. And tie they did and also more...

I haven't read Robert Ludlum's version of the story but the Bourne series has been one of the best trilogies to date. The pace of the movie is easy without wasting time on frivolous details and Bourne's quest to learn the answer to 'Who am I' leads us through the streets of Madrid, London and finally New York. Somehow found Pam Landy's character very endearing...With a touch of brilliance and a touch of charisma, there can be no David Webb without Matt Damon and no Jason Bourne without Matt Damon.

In my book, Ultimatum is the #1 movie of the year so far…

And there were all those movies...

No reservations: It has an easy pace and with a decent storyline and good acting, it is one of the 'Worthy watch' movies of the year.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Recapped in my previous post, this is a 'must see' if you've been following the wizardry world of Harry. While on the topic, I managed to put an end to the question of 'What becomes of Harry Potter' that was not really on my mind. A disappointing seventh installment in the Deathly Hallows to what has been a brilliant series so far. My perception for whatever reason coz i know a lot of people who absolutely loved the book.

You know those times, when you did a ctrl-X on some text and forgot about it momentarily only to do a second ctrl-X and then fret that you lost all the original data that you had control x’ed… Well today was one of those days, after constantly reminding myself to always use ctrl-C rather than ctrl-X, well the mind has a mind of its own and here I am having lost all my thoughts on ocean’s thirteen, don't care enough to recap it all, its been ages and there's no way of recalling it from cyberspace!

Ocean's thirteen: Good one, fast paced and there's enough in it to keep you from looking away from the screen, well being a die hard George Clooney fan, and with the awesome rest of the cast, I couldn't possibly entertain thoughts of turning away from this one!

Shrek3: You could skip this one, and if you can't, make sure you don't watch it on big screen. The entire cast of the books I used to read as a kid, seem to have made their way into this movie...If we didn't have enough of Puss in Boots and Prince Charming, we have to contend with Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, Gingerbread man, Pinocchio, Cyclops, Ugly Ducklings and a host of other characters I can't even remember. Some of the scenes were so frivolous such as the one where the toad king dies... there's nothing to say!

Knocked up: with Katherine Heigl and an insane story line which could probably happen, filthy and vulgar humor but an okay watch overall.

Perfect Stranger: My only motivation to watch this movie was coz Halle Berry’s character name is Rowena, another disappointment... Gracie's Choice, an old one but found one more Rowena, two characters in a day and both anti-social!

Worthy watch: Wedding Date, Nancy Drew, Hitch, Babel, Deja Vu
Don’t go near them: Absolute zero

Haven’t yet caught up with Spiderman3 and POC3…some day, some time!

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Rajz said...

Yeah! "Let’s talk movies" :)

Bourne 3... Swift and gripping screenplay! Stunts were more predictable, courtesy 1 and 2! Matt's expressionless face looked a lot like Arnie in his Terminator/Predator times! According to sources, the movie has long deviated from the book!

Harry.... Who??!! ;)

Knocked up.... Better renamed "F!@#ed up" (Yeah I don't swear, but I couldn't help after watching this one!) I'd vetoed the movie after seeing the trailers... pulled in by friends saying that critics gave it 91%! Just proves my point that there are enough losers out there to make such movies profitable.. one more "Superbad" opens this week! I gave my friends such grief after the movie that they probably swore not to force me in next time ;)

Transformers... Was OK.. pretty smooth graphics I felt.. and some actors to look out for ;)

Rush Hour 3... Jackie Chan fan, but still not impressed... not after 1 and 2 (they had better actors lined up too!).. has a few funny moments..

But the best so far: Simpsons!! We cracked up and probably freaked out the kids behind us ;)

Next movie in mind... American Gangster! Washington fan! Crisp movie as seen in the trailer!

Until then... Maybe Stardust for special effects and cast!