Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Random ramblings!

It’s been a few days and before I forget that I have a blog, here comes a little something, have a bit of time to kill before my offshore call,… Kinda glad it’s a holiday on 21st in our India offices, its like reverse psychology, if I can call it that…rather than looking forward to my own days off, I look forward to the days when my offshore team will not be in!. Lets not get into the question of ‘who will do the work’!!!, that’s another reverse ‘whatever’

Anyway before all the ‘reverse’ s make you want to reverse this post…

There was a book sale at office today, it was a fund raiser and had a variety of novels for 50C or 1$...quite a steal I must say… especially considering their almost brand new condition.
With all the parties gone by and the parties to look forward to and the certifications and the BoK’s!, there’s a sense of ‘awe’, for what there is and what’s not! The rage generated on Pope Benedict’s comments (he was only quoting right?), the death of Steve Irwin.

Two great giants have called it a day, not literally for Michael Schumi since he has a few more races to go but no doubt their departure will leave a huge void in their respective sports. Andre Agassi and Michael Schumacher born only a year apart seem like poles apart but they can’t be more alike!

Caught the last 5 min of the season premiere of Amazing Race, there was an Indian couple participating! And I don’t want to post any spoilers on how they fared!.... and a popular… hindi song was playing as background music for a new TV show ‘Smith’!!!. Cant say much about the show itself tho…just cant afford to get hooked onto another show!, not worth getting hooked onto anyway as on first glance.

Back to my daily dose of ‘welcome to Meeting Place @!!!!!####, ….’


Rajz said...

It’s been a few days and before I forget that YOU have a blog, here comes a little something for the something that you wrote ;)
Caution with all those books mam! I remember our ex-LR handling Lippman (C++ book) with both hands!
Let me diplomatically evade the controversial "quote" for obvious reasons! Oh, BTW, your Steve Irwin's link is broken!
Your last remarks on Schumacher and Agassi are consistent with the title of the post ;)
And does the paragraph before the last one display (howsoever small) signs of homesickness?? ;)
And now back to your regularly scheduled meeting program.........

RZD said...

fixed the link...had kinda screwed up the html code for the link!!!

btw...there's no point to this post!

Dev said...

//It’s been a few days and before I forget that I have a blog

Ditto. :D

We have a holiday, we have a holiday!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Now off u go... back to work :)

Dev said...

P.S The link's still wrong. :D

RZD said...

fixed...I hope!!! seems like I need to take a crash course in html.....

enjoy while you can dev...lotta hols coming up for us...and I get to enjoy the days when you guys are off too...so double treat!