Friday, September 08, 2006

Of finger licking!

The long weekend came and went with no fanfare, it officially marked the end of the summer and I must admit it seems to be getting just a wee bit chilly in the mornings…

Today is Nativity, the birthday of our Blessed Mother Mary and it’s celebrated back home with a typical local flavor… it‘s something like a harvest festival I guess, a family meal and traditionally with no meat. I will always have fond memories of this feast, not only the day but the nine days prior to this, in preparation with a 9 day novena. You could probably question the motives of kids with their flower baskets and the eager wait for the distribution of sweets thereafter but you can't question their enthusiasm, as grown-ups this event is somehow so beautiful. The procession, the blessed paddy stalks that’s distributed during the service and the sugarcane!

Back to what this post is all about!
I was never and will probably never be the ‘I love cooking’ kind of girl, but I do cook out of necessity. It is the routine cooking which bores me but when an opportunity presents to go a little out of the way even with cooking then its welcome. The expiry date on the pack of chicken beckoned me and as usual I looked up and found a simple recipe, despite it being a Thursday, CSI and Grey’s how could I manage to watch both these shows that are telecast at the same time and still cook? Anyway the new season has not yet started and hence I didn’t really mind….With a few changes to the recipe and a prompt entry into my recipe diary this concoction did turn out worthy of finger licking!

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